Tom Santay is an award-winning creative producer and corporate storyteller, dedicated to delivering artistically crafted and meaningful video productions, multimedia assets, and creative solutions to his partners. For over a decade, Tom has successfully managed creative projects from conception to completion for a variety of organizations and leaders in the engineering, technology, and

e-commerce industries.

From a young age, Tom loved making movies and entertaining people. He earned his B.F.A. in Film Producing at the University of North Carolina

School of the Arts, where he learned both the technical skills of filmmaking,

and also the business and bureaucratic aspects of production.


After graduation, he took that knowledge and started his own video production company in North Carolina. He currently resides in Denver with his wife, and proudly continues entertaining people with his work. 

Tom's passion for the cinematic and his genuine appreciation for effective storytelling ensures a thoughtful approach to every creative project he undertakes. 


  • Directing & Producing

  • Cinematography

  • Editing | Adobe Creative Suite

  • Storytelling & Content Strategy

  • Live | Single Camera | Multi-Camera Shoots

  • Scheduling | Project Management

  • Music Supervision & Sound Design

  • Graphic Design & Photography 


  • Creativity 

  • Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Communicating Vision

  • Managing & Measuring Work

  • Decision Quality

  • Empowering Others

  • Drive & Perseverance

  • Passion

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